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Here we will provide a short breakdown of a price:

  • Timber (logs) – the 1m3 price of a round log (20-32cm thick) cut in Lithuania is 165-250 LTL i.e. 47-72 EUR. These logs we ourselves select in forest.
  • Transportation of timber (logs) from forest to the construction ground e.g. 50m3 is 350 EUR.
  • Then the timber is processed and the house framework (internal and external walls and, if needed, roof construction) is constructed at the construction ground in Kaunas. The price for these works is 45-50 EUR for 1m2 of wall area. The roof construction costs 5-6 EUR for 1m2 of the roof area.
  • When the construction is finished, it is marked, deconstructed, and transported to the clients site whether the house should be permanently constructed. This also entails additional transportation expences.
  • When the wall constructions are brought into place, all other works are conducted – roof cover is laid, windows and doors are fitted, and internal finishing as well as any other works desired by the client are completed.

If cut logs with two plane sides are used, then the round forest logs should be brought to a woodworks shop for cutting. This operation costs 15-17 EUR for 1m3. After cutting the logs can be further planished with manual electric tools “FESTOOL”, if the client so desires. The logs can also be shaven – this is mostly applicable to a round profile log. These two operations each cost 5-7 EUR for 1m2 of wall area.
The assembly price is equal for both cut and round logs – 45-50 EUR.
For this reason we are seeking clients, which could deal directly with our company with participation of our interpreter. Then we could find the most favorable method of cooperation with the least cost to the client.

We will provide a short list of prices, which you might want to know:

  • Doors – 150-260 EUR.
  • Windows – 130-190 EUR for 1m2 using 3 three glass packet.
  • Cut timber (dried) – 170-260 EUR for 1m3.
  • Decorative planks (good quality) – 8-18 EUR for 1m2, depending on kind and profile of timber. 

A large 20t (tented) truck can fit 20-30 m3 of a finished product (logs).
Also, logs can be cut in winter and before construction they lie without a bark for 3-4 months. We can dry logs in condensation hothouses, howeverm this operation costs 50-06 EUR in Lithuania. For this reason Lithuanians prefer to save money and build homes from the wood which have been lying for some months.

Usually after constructing house from such logs we fully fit it with windows and doors and conduct other works. While conducting these works we take into account the unstability of wood and leave spaces above windows and doors and apply other technologies used for construction of such kind.

I would suggest you to visit us in Lithuania and get answers to the questions, which you are interested in.

If you have other business plans, which might be of interest to both of us, please write us.


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